Sport is our passion

Sport doesn’t just live from emotions...Sport is emotion!

Our pictures from the World’s leading sports and action-sports events have been bringing emotions and stories directly to our millions of viewers for over 10 years.


quattro media offers precisely the right solutions for TV production, distribution over TV and New Media, and offers weekly, globally-relevant content for every media platform.

Your Content Provider – The right content every time

As an action-sports content provider quattro media is a strong partner. Our varied portfolio of programmes is always growing with weekly shows and exciting event reports that regularly inspire audiences, program planners, producers and journalists worldwide.

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Your Event Partner - The right solution every time

quattro media is an established full-service partner in various forms of TV productions and is a specialist in complex Outside Broadcasts. From a 1-man film crew to a 20-camera OB-van production, we always have the right solutions ready to go. In addition, through our distribution department and our worldwide media network, we give events and the sports-people involved access to global media platforms (TV, Web, Public Screens, Mobile, Inflight TV, etc.). In this way we generate maximum measurable media value.


quattro media lives for the creative symbiosis between maximum range and uncomplicated production development at the highest level.

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