quattro media offers a multitude of different programme products for each sporting event it covers. To satisfy the wishes of different formats, producers and media platforms optimally, the following programme types are available. 


News & Unilaterals:

§3min edited news items ready-to-broadcast with TC list and 9min extra footage (= special wishes of channels, ITVs in mother language, etc.) produced onsite with mobile edit units by experienced news journalists. Delivery via satellite, tape and FTP server approx. 3-4h after the event.


Approx. 25min roughly edited material with TC list, incl. news cut, special material and additional footage (e.g. “best of slomos”, customized story angles, Channel-ID with micro windshields, etc.). Delivery one day after the event via tape or FTP server.

Highlight Shows:

Ready-to-broadcast story-telling 12min / 24min / 48min Highlight Shows (clean and dirty) with Voice over script and separated audio tracks produced in the post production studios with director and cutter. Delivery not later than 8 days after the event.


Special Clips:

§Emotional, surprising, action packed, fast and “edgy” 1-2min edited clips with different story boards for clips before, during and after the event. Spread via FTP server to online and all other kind of new media platforms.


Our “Profiles” are programmes about the life of remarkable professional athletes from all over the world. They are shown on their travels to contests and in the most beautiful locations around the lobe. The programmes show the highs and lows of their careers and give the viewer not only an understanding of their sports, their way of training and the risks they take but also an insight into their private lives. The unusual lives of these people are documented in a very intimate way.


As the athletes tell their own views on the world and their sports, the portraits give a feeling of complete authenticity. Teenagers as well as adults are fascinated by this series as it makes them understand sporting aesthetics, superhuman athletics, evaluation of risks, emotions, physical control and best performances. The viewer gets involved with the person and his / her sport. This allows a greater access and better understanding in all facets of the sport. The series is on-going and is produced continuously.